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About Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department

The Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department aims to facilitate satisfactory service system to personnel and provide good governance to citizens.


  • The pursuit of excellence in governance through promotion of:
  • Improvements in the Government structures and processess:
  • Citizen friendly initiatives including Redressal of Public Grievances and Service Delivery Policy.
  • Codification and simplification of procedures:
  • Bring transparency in the Government Procedures: and
  • Giving advice for providing hassle free service conditions to service personnel.

The mission of the Personnel & Administrative Reforms Department is to act as a facilitation in Consultation with Government Departments, Government establishments, etc. to improve Government functioning through Administrative reforms in the spheres of manpower planning, restructuring of Departments, process improvement, Promotion modernization and best practices and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Government functioning to the optimum level of performance. We also interpret acts and codes when doubts arise on codes and manuals pertaining to service personnel and tender advice to take appropriate decisions by the authorities when disputes arise.


  • To descriminate information on administrative practices and modern management systems among Government Departments and PSUs.
  • Application of new ideas and technologies for efficient governance like space management, etc.
  • To promote and develop the role of management in Government Departments.
  • Documentation, incubation and descrimination of best practices.
  • Codification and simplification of procedures and citizen friendly initiatives.
  • Increase efficiency and bring improvement in the quality of work in every sphere of administration.
  • Formulation and interpretation of codes and manuals.

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The objective mentioned above are achieved through Research and Development activities. The O &M/ Work studies carried out by the AR Sections and implementation of Recommendations of Administrative Reforms committee are the main strategy adopted by us. We also formulate and maintain various orders, rules and manuals based on the Public Service Act. The Advice Sections are authorised to offer advice on doubts on such documents. We act in a leading role in the formulation of Special Rules in Departments under Government for governing their recruitments and promotions.

Major functions of the Department

Advice on Service matters, application and interpretation of the rules and orders relating to the service matters - Amendment of KGSC Rules - KCS and CCA Rules - KPSC Audit functions in respect of certain Corporation and Companies Acts - recognition of qualifications - advice regarding Compassionate Employment - framing of special rules and their amendments - compilation and review of delegation of powers - General Orders regarding employment under compassionate ground , prescription of Tests, - appointment of Ex-service men - correction of date of birth, etc. - Processing of the Reports of Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee - Review of Monthly Business Statements of P&ARD - Secretariat Departments and Heads of Departments - Training within India, Nomination for foreign Training/Assignments/Conference/seminar/workshop, etc/ Convening of Monthly conference of Chief Secretary with the Secretaries - Inspection of Secretariat Departments - Enlistment of departments/Offices for work study, conducting work study and preparation of work study reports.

Schemes and Programmes

The functions of the Department are distributed among sections of two wings which are stated below:


Projects and Programmes assigned to AR wings are as follows:

  1. Conduct O&M study/Work study and job Evaluation.
  2. Conduct studies for the simplification of methods/procedures followed in Government offices.
  3. Conduct Administrative Inspection in offices including Secretariat.
  4. Administrative Reforms and Administrative Research
  5. Simplification of administrative procedures and practices, Rules, Revision etc.
  6. Inspection in the offices of the Heads of Departments.
  • AR (1 to 10) sections conduct management studies and inspections in Government in Government offices on a regular basis. Conduct of Organisation and Methods Study ( O&M study)/work study, study for simplification of procedures /Methods in the State Government offices/departments, Inspection in the offices of the Heads of Departments etc. are assigned to these sections. AR (11) Section conducts inspections exclusively in the Departments of Government Secretariat including Finance and Law. The monitoring of study reports is also assigned to these sections.

  • AR (12) Section is in charge of processing of reports of the Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee. The Section examines various recommendations of the Committee and issue orders to implement the accepted recommendations. They also monitor the implementations of those orders.

  • AR (13) Section deals with issue of guidelines on General Transfer of Government Employees and Regulations on office management. Nominations of Govt. Employees for Training and Seminars in National Level Institutions. Nominations for Deputation to National Level Institutions, Establishment and other matters of Institute of Management in Government, consolidation of plan progress Report, Good Governance. etc. Prime Minister's Award for Excellence, Special Development Activities, and Fortnightly Report to Governor are also dealt with in this section.

  • AR (14) section deals with all Training Programmes and Fellowships outside India, Foreign Assignments Volunteer Programmes, Applications for appointment to posts outside India for which Personnel of more than one Department can be considered. Monthly Business Statement, Review of secretariat Departments/ Heads of Departments. Action taken by Chief Secretary's monthly meetings with Secretaries are also entrusted to this section.


Sections in this wing have been allotted the following functions:

a) Advice (A) Department

The main subjects allotted are Advice on service matters related to (KS &SSR, KCS (CC&A) Rules, Govt. Servant's Conduct Rules referred to by the Administrative Departments of the Secretariat, mainly related to the Departments coming under the Public Services Act. Advice on Last Grade Service, General Service Special Rules in all Departments. in the Secretariat are dealt with in the Section. In addition to these works, Papers relating to meetings in connection with the formulation/amendment of special rules of the above Departments are also dealt with in the section.

This Section tenders advice on matters related to the above subjects pertaining to the services and Departments such as Health Service, National Employment Service & Department of Training, Community Development Service, Governors Secretariat, SC/ST Development Department, Geology Service, Co-operation Service, Industries Service, Local Fund Service, Labour Service, Secretariat Service, Survey and Land Records Service, Fire force Service, Public Relations, Fisheries Service, Agricultural Service, Civil Service(Executive), Civil Supplies Department, Excise Service, General Service, Judicial Service, Motor Vehicles Service, Last Grade Service, Port Service, Revenue Service, Treasury Service, Transport Service, Weights & Measures Service, Police Department, Forest Service, Public Health Service, Medical College, Drug Control Service, Statistics Service, Tourist Department, Ayurveda Colleges, Registration Department, KSRTC, State Insurance Department, etc.

b) Advice (B) Department

Advice (B) section tenders advice on matters related to Ministerial Subordinate Service. All posts coming under the Kerala Revenue Ministerial Subordinate Service. All post coming under the Kerala Revenue Ministerial subordinate service, cases relating to the Junior Accountants in the Treasury Department. Integration of services, consequent on the Re-organisation of states, Kerala Engineering States & Subordinate Services, Corporation, Municiplaities, Panchayats, ITI, Ministerial subordinate services of PWD, LSGD & Water Resource Department, General Education Department, Technical Education Department, Collegiate Education Department, Archives Department, Government Presses, Stationery Department, Museums and Zoos Department and Kerala Grandhasala Sangham.

c) Advice (C) Department

This Section deals with matters relating to provisional Appointment (General) & Regularization, Recruitment Rules and Principles, KPSC (Additional Functions as Respects Certain Corporations & Companies Act 1970) and Rules, Consolidation of details of Provisional hands engaged in Various HOD's PSU's, Autonomous bodies, Government Secretariat. Consolidation of preparations and Maintenance of CRs, Rules under Compassionate Employment Scheme, Granting of Recognition to Service Organisation. Amendment of KGSC Rules 1960, Amendment of KCS (CC&A) Rules 1960, etc.

Monthly consolidation of vacancies reported/anticipated vacancies to KPSC by various HOD's, PSU's, Autonomous Bodies, etc are done by this Section. Petitions from PSC Rank Holders for appointment to common categories of posts viz. LDC, LD Typists, C.A & CLASS IV including L.A. Interpellations and court cases are also dealt with. General Orders on correction of date of birth and extension of joining time are issued from here.

d) P&AR (Rules) Department.

Subjects allotted to the section are Departmental Promotion Committee. KS&SSR, Reservations in Public Service, Petition from Rank Holders for appointment to categories other than common category of posts including L.A. interpellations and court cases of Kerala General Service Rules, Special Rules for Kerala Last Grade Service and Kerala Part time Contingent Service, Secretariat Office Manual, Manual of Office Procedure, Recognition of qualifications, Kerala Government Secretariat Instructions. Advice on the appointment of the dependants of Government servants dying in harness, miscellaneous papers, petition of candidates for appointment to categories other than common category of posts.

e) P&AR (PS) Department

P&AR (PS) Department deals with papers relating to Legislative Assembly, Delegation of Powers, Right to Information Act 2005, etc.

f) P&AR (AV Cell) Department.

The P&AR (Av Cell) conducts inspections to various Government Offices and Educational institutions to inspect the mode of posting of employees and the procedures adopted for giving promotions. This wing has the power to verify records/files/ Service Books, etc. This wing has the power to conduct hearing of the suspect officers for proper disposal of cases.